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Miriam Hartink
Translations & Editing

“A translation transforms everything, so nothing changes.”
Günther Grass

Suppose you have produced a flyer that you would also like to pass on to your Dutch-speaking customers, but you haven’t got the time to translate it. Or you have found a Dutch newspaper article that you would like to use on your website, but there is no English version available. Or you have been considering to add a Dutch segment to your website.

In short, you need a good translator.

MHTE translates from English to Dutch and vice versa. Editing and proof reading are also possible. Flexible, quick and good quality. In the areas of markting, well-being, such as food, health and lifestyle, and constructive texts. 

15 years and counting!



Flyers, brochures, press releases, advertisements, websites, social media messages, blogs, SEO texts


Popular psychology, coaching, mental health, physical health, recipes, cookbooks, healthy living, dieting


Constructional inspection reports, long term budgets for office and retail buildings, Technical Due Diligences



I have been fascinated by language, texts, reading and writing my entire life. I could read letters before starting preschool, taught myself English by watching television shows and read everything I could get my hands on.

When I went to the University of Utrecht to study English Language & Literature, it felt like coming home. Reading and writing for credits, how fantastic is that?

In 2003, I obtained my Master’s Degree and I started MH Translations & Editing as a freelance translator in 2005.

For the long story (and qualifications):

Frequently Asked Questions

I want a quotation for a translation. How does that work?

If you want my quotation, the best thing to do is to send me an email with the text(s) that need to be translated and some background information. I will then send you my quotation as soon as possible. You can also use the contact form below.

Should you want a translation immediately (due to a tight deadline, for instance), it might be better to call me (+31 6 22 73 35 75) to discuss this.

What does a translation cost?

What a translation will cost, is dependent of a number of factors. The word count of the text, the level of complexity and the desired deadline are the most important. Translators usually charge per word of the source language. And yes, that price also applies to words such as “a” and “the”, just as it does to words like “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” and “hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia”. That last one mens fear of long words, by the way…

If you want to know what it will cost you to have your text translated by me, the best thing to do is to contact me and ask, so I can make you a price offer.

The last thing I want to say about prices for now is this: I can do many things: translate quickly, be reasonably priced or deliver good solid quality translations.You can only ever pick two🙂

Good + cheap = slow

Cheap + fast = crappy

Fast + good = expensive

Good + cheap + fast = keep dreaming 🙂

Hoe long does translating take?

Predictions about run time of a translations (without any additional information) are hard to make. To do so, I would need to see the text in question first. What I can say about this subject, is that I always provide you with a deadline beforehand or agree to your deadline. I preferably work with the principle of “underpromise & overdeliver”, so I can always meet my deadlines. Even if that means burning the midnight oil or working through a holiday…

Do you use a CAT tool?

A CAT tool is a Computer Assisted Translation programme and, yes, I have one, Deja Vu X3 by Atril. It works with all other CAT file extension types. This is by no means a Google Translate lookalike programme in which I enter your text to have it translated in under five minutes. A CAT tool is a programme which can make a translator’s life a little easier, sometimes. At least, when it’s not anything like this…

As I am not a cat person, I would like to introduce you to my dog tool:

What about Google Translate?

Yes, you can translate a text with Google Translate. However, only use it to be able to quickly read what a foreign language text is about. Not to use the translated text on your website, social media message or sales flyer. GT still makes many mistakes…

My secretary/colleague/neighbour can also translate a little...

I’m pretty good at other stuff too!

I can hang up a lamp and attach the wires correctly, but I am not an electrician. I am pretty nifty with a pair of scissors, but I am not a hairdresser. I have a child, but I am not a child phychologist.

Your secretary, your colleague and your neighbour are also pretty good at certain things. Arranging your appointments, prepare your presentation, writing reports, managing, coaching, drinking coffee or baking apple pies. Maybe they are even good at two languages. But translating is a profession. My profession. Something about the letting the cobbler stick to his last…

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Information or quotation? Please send me a message!

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