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...taught myself English by watching television shows...


I (1979) have been fascinated by language, texts, reading and writing my entire life. I could read letters before starting preschool, taught myself English by watching television shows and read everything I could get my hands on.

When I went to the University of Utrecht to study English Language & Literature, it felt like coming home. Reading and writing for credits, how fantastic is that?

In 2003, I obtained my Master’s Degree and I started MH Translations & Editing as a freelance translator in 2005. So, I have been translating for 13 years, and counting!

Translating, editing and proofreading are all a fantastic combination of activities: reading, writing, puzzling, re-writing, spelling out dictionaries… A great quote on this, is from the great Dutch translator Dolf Verspoor, who claims that a translator is someone who “from five equivalents, chooses the sixth option”.

Being my own boss also combines a number of nice activities, such as planning my own work time, contact with customers, acquisitioning, administration and marketing activities. What I like most, however, is the diversity of the texta I get to translate. Over the years, I have translated such diverse texts: from beads to make your own necklaces to bathroom tiles, and software for business administration to scrapbooking your wedding album. The strangest job I have ever done was the translation of a business plan for a multi-cultural crematorium…

I never know what my next translation will be… Maybe yours?

Various workshops and webinars on translation subjects:

  • Culinary translations, KTV (2018)

Nutritional consultancy | Sonnevelt Opleidingen, 2015 + several refresher courses on coaching, emotional eating and nutrition during pregnancy.

Social Media course | NCOI, 2013

Course in editing | Amsterdam, 2004

English Language and Literature – Master’s Degree | University of Utrecht, 2003

Gymnasium Camphusianum (Grammar school) | Gorinchem, 1998



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